June, June, June…

Veils & Tails Wedding Show here at Zen, June 17th
June 3, 2015
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June 11, 2015
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June, June, June…

Wow, our first week of June has come and gone so, so fast!  The last weekend was a great weekend full of events.  Thank you to all our clients who choose Zen and trust us with their events.  We have had so much fun!!  I am here to tell you a little bit more about what all we have coming up this month of June.

We first have a returning group, Sarcoma Warriors, back in to our facility on Sunday, June 14th.  This is an awesome group and what they raise money for is so important.  We are looking forward to working with you all again this year!! Thank you for choosing us again  🙂

Next, we have the Upstate Bridal Association’s Bridal Show, “Veils & Tails,” Tuesday, June 16th.  Our staff and group is getting very excited about this event.  All the members have been slaving away at their vignettes and ideas for this show.  Any brides looking to want some wedding inspiration, you need to check out this event!  Be sure to check out more information, https://weddingfestivals.com/-Bridal%20Show%20and%20Wedding%20Expo%20in%20Greenville%20SC/show.html?show.id=4201.

Up next we have the Carolina Strong event put on by Back to 30 Rejuvenation Centers.  This event goes to raising money for the American Red Cross.  Please visit their page for more information, https://www.eventbrite.com/o/back-to-30-rejuvenation-centers-8095862095.  We are excited to be working with this group again too this year!

A lot going on here coming up and we would love to see you all there!  Until then, have a wonderful Monday!!!