How Many Months Do You Really Need to Plan a Wedding?

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How Many Months Do You Really Need to Plan a Wedding?

How many months do you really need to plan a wedding?  Wow, what a great question!!  And it is such a good question, that there really is not one right answer to it.  Being a wedding venue here in Greenville, SC, we see brides and grooms who are planning weddings from a year to year and a half out to those planning in 6-8 months or less!  The thing is, all these time frames can be done…depending on certain details and ideas of the wedding day.

I found a great article on that goes right into this topic.  I wanted to post about it because we do get a lot of inquiries with this question…how many months do I really need to plan a wedding or when do I need to book my venue, how far in advance?  The key thing is always, the sooner the better!  If you take too long when deciding on a date, dates could get booked up at your venue of choice or other vendors could get booked up as well.  Then there are things like the wedding dress and the time it takes to get delivered back to the bridal shop, etc.  Many factors come in to the big picture.

Check out this article for more information,  It really does touch base on a lot of the vendors that book up faster in the wedding world and those that do not.  You can then also decide what is the most important thing about your wedding day!

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